El Divi foundation

El Divi foundation is a Dutch/Honduran soccer organization, which wants to help developing soccer in Honduras. The organization began with a simple action of providing soccer clothing for some team, football boots etcetera in El Divisadero, a small village in the south of Honduras. After this action we discovered that a good soccer field is still missing. The extreme weather conditions ruined the field and lack of money made it impossible to keep the field in good conditions so as to organise a regular competition, as in years before. El Divisadero is a village surrounded by four more villages; every village has its own soccer team, which used to participate in the soccer competition of El Divisadero.

 At the moment there is no soccer field, that’s why El Divi Foundation has started the project. The object of this project is to build a soccer field in El Divisadero and reorganise the soccer competition of these five villages.

The soccer activities in El Divisadero involved not only the soccer players, and trainers, but almost all the people of these communities, women and men, young and old used to come to the field for matches every Sunday. About 400 to 500 people used to come and watch the matches and meet some friends and relatives; not only those from the surrounding villages but also those from the city. That is why El Divi takes the responsibility to bring back these activities to the villages.

The goal of this project is to build a well protected soccer field with facilities, such as changing rooms, toilets and two cafetarias to sell drinks and food so that they can earn some money for the maintenance of the field.

El Divi wants to collect the money in The Netherlands by benefit parties, from friends, companies and other organizations. El Divi will cooperate with the local soccer association of El Divisadero, Liga Jorge Barahora.

They are both well organised, with a president, a vice president etcetera. These people are good friends of the president of El Divi in the Netherlands. We also want to motivate the people in these villages to volunteer in the construction of this project. In this way everyone will feel to be participating in the development of the villages.



El Divi is an organization seeking to help build a better future for the inhabitants of El Divisadero and surrounding communities through the power and popularity of soccer, and providing, in a professional way, development opportunities for children and adolescents in this community. We also want to create a network with international and national organizations.



We want to reach a level of self-sustainability, so that the foundation in Honduras can sustain itself. In this way the project may expand to others communities in the country, promoting health and sports.


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